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Happy New Year!

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As a new year has turned again, I know that for some of you, you are hoping it is better than the last. Go in faith in this new year. And walk in it. Not one of us understands God's economy. But we can trust that He will make all things beautiful in time. He is never early. And He is never late. Happy New Year!

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Writeious Books celebrates the newly released Advance Review Copy of the inaugural eBook from the the new eBook series, Shiloh's Pool: Against the Tide: Book One.

Long before Shiloh sat alone on the bus heading west to compelling Marbella, she was mystified. Moving across the mental timeline of her life, one emotional image unfolded after another. Some would force a chuckle; others left her clinching her chest in pain.
Filtering through the memories, there was one burning question that paralyzed her over and over again. How in the world did she get there?
Join Shiloh on her life adventures during the first of a multi-book series, Shiloh’s Pool: Against the Tide. Her story must be told…

On Sale $0.99!


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Enjoy 11 Hour, the emotive MP3 single off thelapchild 11th Hour CD. It is full of emotion and urgency as one waiting on the Lord.

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Christian ebook tours for women

Shiloh's Pool: Against the Tide

by Jori Sams

Christian ebook tours for children

Hiding Behind the Worship Show

by Tim Reeve


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