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All the good things of summer are coming to an end. Melon. Nighttime swimming. Dining al fresco. Grandslam Tennis. And the list goes on. As my hubby and I look forward to some peace and quiet and our work load to decrease, we hope to get involved in some intense spritual fellowship. And I hope to be able to sit down and read some good books and finish some of my own! Time to download a good eBook and enjoy the coming rain...

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Hiding Behind the Worship Show

by Tim Reeve

bible study, church, service, christianity


Do you go to “worship services” every Sunday?  Does the Bible even tell us that we are supposed to assemble to worship? If we are going to claim to follow Scripture, we probably need to rediscover these truths.

Yes, God wants our worship.  Yes, God wants us to assemble.  He never puts them together, though.  In fact, the reason His writers give for the assembly is quite different, and much more practical! Discover what the Bible has to say in Hiding Behind the Worship Show, the riveting inspirational Bible-based study.



New fiction series

Shiloh's Pool

Release date TBA

Childrens christian ficiton ebook series

Long before Shiloh sat alone on the bus heading west to compelling Marbella, she was mystified. Moving across the mental timeline of her life, one emotional image unfolded after another. Some would force a chuckle; others left her clinching her chest in pain.

Filtering through the memories, there was one burning question that paralyzed her over and over again. How in the world did she get there?

Join Shiloh on her life adventures during the first of a multi-book series, Shiloh’s Pool: Against the Tide. Her story must be told…

Featured Products for September

Writeious Books celebrates the release of Hiding Behind the Worship Show. From the 15th of July you can grab a read of this compelling eBook new release by upcoming author Tim Reeve.

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hot topics in religion on womens issues
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Enjoy 11 Hour, the emotive MP3 single off thelapchild 11th Hour CD. It is full of emotion and urgency as one waiting on the Lord.

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New Release

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Hiding Behind the Worship Show

by Tim Reeve

Now out...


New Christian Fiction eBook series coming soon!

Watch this space for Shiloh's Pool.

Shiloh's Pool: Against the Tide


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