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Enjoy the Christmas Holiday Season
and remember...
eBooks make perfect Christmas gifts.
Encourage someone to read!

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Final Facts

Colors play an important role in the celebration of Christmas. Green has long been a chosen color of winter celebration. It portrays the life that lives on through the death of winter. Red was actually chosen to symbolize the blood of Christ, who made life possible. Purple is often used, too. This is because it is the color of royalty and Jesus is the King.

It is thought that the first Christmas tree was used around the time of the Reformation in Germany. The lore tells that St. Boniface was trying to prove to local tribes who worshipped trees that their gods were not real. He chopped down the fir tree and used it as a sign of the real Savior, Jesus, telling all who believed the same to do this also. The star placed at the top is tradition to represent the Star of Bethlehem.

The Special Place of the Candy Cane at Christmas

Almost as soon as the Christmas tree became a German tradition, people began to decorate their trees. Candy canes included. They were also passed out to the children who attended Christmas Services. history of candy cane

First they were simply white sugar sticks. Then they became symbolic of the canes of the shepherds tending their flock the night of Jesus birth. The flavor has a special meaning, too. Peppermint is similar to hyssop. Hyssop was symbolic in the Old Testament to purification and sacrifice. Jesus lives as both.

The Greatest Gift of All

Presents have lost their meaning. Once, it was just a simple act of kindness to honor the gift of life from Christ Jesus, coming down for the sake of us. Capitalism and consumerism have pushed us way beyond the scope and outside the idea of the celebration of Christmas.

When you are gathered around the table eating your Christmas dinner, tipping the mulled wine, remember Jesus. Remember the tradition that started long ago. When you see the colors green and red, smile for what they represent. When you hand over a gift, or receive one, think about why you are exchanging to begin with.

Let that bring you joy. Let that be your warmth this holiday season. When you sing carols, if you mean what you are singing, sing loud with boldness. Celebrate Emmanuel. Wrap every gift in love.

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