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Since before the dark ages people have celebrated winter, or the winter solstice. They gathered special foods from the fall harvest and feasted for a few days. During the winter solstice, the sun is actually closer to the earth. It is the tipping of the Earth on its axis that draws in the winter temperatures.

Also on this day, the earth sits on the lowest arc of the year, giving less light to us in the Northern Hemisphere. The celebration is actually given that the earth is starting to tip back again, and the nights will begin to be longer. It is this changing that has brought pagan cultures for thousand of years to perform fertility rites, fire festivals, and much more.

Christians Celebrate Christmas

Somewhere during the reign of Roman Emperor Constantine, Christians began to join the celebration. This is where many Christians struggle with the idea of “Christmas.” In fact, many do not partake in any ceremonies because they believe people are just going on with a winter celebration, and Christ has nothing to do with it.

This is an understandable belief. However, it seems the early church wanted to celebrate, too, only not the worship of the pagan gods. They wanted to worship the one God they believed in, and the birth of the Savior. There is nothing wrong with that. Constantine had legalized Christianity. The Christians wanted to have a festival proclaiming their joy. christmas facts


Santa steals the show. Christmas really celebrates him more than the Incarnate. Even Christians do, too. This is the mediocrity. If you believe and follow Jesus, What is Santa doing in your house? Think about what language you are speaking.

Jesus wasn’t born in December. Most likely it was in April, around the time we celebrate Easter. The early church decided to celebrate the Incarnation around the same time others were celebrating with their pagan rituals.

Another pagan ritual was the ringing of bells during the winter solstice festivities. This was to ward off the dark spirits that prevailed during so few hours of daylight. Many people associate bell ringing and its religious rite at Christmas celebrations, church services and bell choirs, but its origin is pagan.

There were probably more than three wise men. The sages from the Orient had been looking for the birth of the Messiah since the prophecy of Daniel hundreds of years before. There was a special solar event with a star that shined day and night for an estimated three years. This was their sign and most likely when they began to prepare for a nearly three-year voyage in a marvellous caravan, appearing to Jesus when he was about two.

Unlike the popular Christmas Carol, the King didn’t rejoice in the star and proclaim the world to break out into song. Instead he fretted, conspired, and tried to trick the wise men into giving the whereabouts of the Christ child. He committed infanticide for every male under the age of two. Not so warm and kind-hearted.

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