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Lay Your Treasures in Heaven

My husband and I own a quaint and stylish village house in Spain. It sits in a lovely Moorish village dating back 1000 years. The house is 400 years old. We bought it and renovated it 6 years ago. Now we rent it out as a holiday home.

Recently, while my husband was filling the jacuzzi tub to bathe in, he noticed three hairline cracks. They were never there before, and we are surmising that this happened from our last guests. Knowing that people don't generally treat things that aren't theirs as if they were theirs, it does generate concern when renting the house to strangers.

We were both very upset, because the cost of the hydromassage tub was pricey. It bothers me that people would not mention this, and not take responsibility or bring any incident to our attention.

As I lay in bed that night pondering the possibilities of how the cracks got there, and I prayed for wisdom concerning the matter, a verse came to the forefront of my mind. Matthew 6:19, “"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.”

The truth of the verse hit me hard and fast. It also comforted me. Until I fell asleep, the new question on my mind was, “How, exactly, do I lay up treasures in heaven?” Surely, I have been doing that for decades without knowing it.

But now I really want to concentrate on these things. I believe the Church Age, or the Age of Grace, is coming to a close. Time is running short for people to hear the truth. I am by no means opposed to selling my house and giving the money to charity, if this is what is required.

Is it?

During the time of Christ, there were no social services. Charity and taking care of widows and orphans was handled by the church. Since the birth of these government operated services, I believe the generosity of believers has faded.

I do want to lay treasures in heaven. I just want to know the best places to give and donate my money and my time.

I have become idle due to fear.

Too many times, in the end, I gave my money foolishly. An example: I was about to give my nice sleeping bag to a homeless man on my last camping trip coming home from Israel. My husband stopped me. “He will only sell it or exchange it for alcohol.”

I think he was right. I meant well, but it would have been compulsive. Is it wrong to think things through and be prudent? This meant, I came home with the bag.

I know there are local organizations that I can donate to. And this is not a bad thing. But I wanted to bless someone randomly and spontaneously. I had certain ideals in my head that most likely would not have come to pass.

I pictured a man on the street warm and cozy in the sleeping bag. In reality, it would have probably been alcohol that warmed his veins. After all, there are shelters to go to for the night. I fear, though, that this situation is also less than ideal and the solution carries its own problems.

This brings me back to my problem. How do I effectively lay up treasures in heaven? I do not by any means, upon review, believe I am living like I profess to believe. I do not think I am living like this earth is not my home and I am just passing through. Or that I am constantly building my eternal resume.

I am laying awake wonderitreasuresng what is going to come of my luxury hot tub.

I do not feel ashamed, but I do feel challenged. I do not have any answers today on how to fulfill this command specifically. But the desire has been awakened in me. I will be sending up little prayers as the days come and go asking for the Lord to tell the Holy Spirit to give me a nudge upon any opportunity, and to strengthen the desire in me. And to give me brevity.

If you read this post and are interested in the same, or are having success accomplishing this, please drop me a line in the comment box. Or just hold me accountable and ask me how I am doing!

Written by Jori Sams


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