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Perfect Theology:
Music Worship Part 2

During these sessions, some would say the spirit is moving. I tell you, it is not just one! There are many. Myriads and myriads moving.

King David meditated. Indeed. But his mind was not empty. No. What did he meditate on? The Lord! And the statutes of God. He knew that God is Holy. I am certain this will be my next big work. God’s holiness.

The bride of Christ is off the mark here. There are so many movements going around. Each year a new one comes on board. Why? Is it just for profit? For the need to feel important? To have the false perception that you have had a new revelation from God?

The danger is when people are doing this in public. On a stage. Why do people stay and listen? They believe what is going on. They think these mega-teachers and worshipers are really important. And special.

The other misnomer is that music is worship. Who would have you believe this? Music is one form of worship. In fact, the Jews understood that every aspect of their daily lives was a form of worship to God, unless they were in sin.

I have partaken in an amphitheater of 10,000 students all praising God in voice. We shook the rafters. It was awesome. Powerful. It was a form of worship. I am not saying that one cannot worship in a large arena. Track with me.

There are all kinds of movements. They hold a form of truth. To name some: Word of Faith, Dominion Now, New Apostolic Reformation, New Calvinistmusic worship, British New Church, Emergent Church, Fivefold Ministry, Hebrew Roots, just to name some of them.

As stated, they hold a form of truth, but deny God His power. What does the Apostle Paul have to say about this? Read his counsel to Timothy about false teachers in II Timothy. He urges him to avoid men who hold a form of godliness but deny Him His power.

Certainly not everyone involved has bad intentions. They are simply not trained up as they should be. They are immature and will remain so, and are at serious risk of being led astray by involvement in these movements. How so many can be deceived is beyond me.

Through my research, studying, writing, listening to sermons online and observing the believers I know in Spain, from traveling and participating in fellowship around the globe, one thing I have learned. I cannot escape such false teachings. It is everywhere! It has infiltrated deep into the church.

How does one escape it? How does one have fellowship? Where does one go?

I look about at the people making up the body here in this country. It is a small and international mix, bringing with it all the color and discord one might imagine. And really, really weak theology. We are so imperfect. God has taught me many hard things on this present course. How do we all get along?

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