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Thoughts on the Cross:
The Meaning Behind Easter Part 4

The worship and celebration of the goddess of fertility, Isthar or Eostre, gave us all the things we enjoy partaking in during this time, right down to the bunnies. The rabbit was the symbol of Eostre. Eostre, or Easter, represented the sunrise. She represented the renewal of life. The Anglo-Saxons would dye eggs and offer them up to her.

The ancient Israelites baked sweet buns to offer to Asheroth. As far back as the early church is recorded it is noted that the leaders were still trying to put an end to sacred cake-baking. Eventually, they admitted defeat and began to bless the bread.

The eating of ham also takes us thousands of years back. Now listen closely to what I am about to share, and take heed!

I am only giving you the facts that you probably have never been told. I want to get a bit more in detail about Ishtar to give you further understanding of how satanic these rituals are. Long before Israel was a nation, around the time of the Tower of Babel, these celebrations were born.
easter report

I will break it all down. You must recognize the name Nimrod. Nimrod was a descendant of Ham. Ham was the son of Noah and the father of Cush. Cush married Semiramis, and they were very powerful. They had a son, Nimrod. Cush died. Nimrod took over the kingdom, as well as the Queen, his very own mother. In Genesis chapter 10 we learn that Nimrod was a valiant hunter. He reigned in the land of Shinar, where Babylon was birthed.

Semiramis became the first Queen of Babylon, and Nimrod rose to be a god-man before the people. It is recorded that during a battle, one of Nimrod’s enemies brought him to his death, cut up his body and sent it across the kingdom. The queen was able to gather back all but one piece, yes, his genitals. The legend Semiramis created was that he would not now be able to come back to life, and so had ascended to the heavens. More specifically, to the sun. Semiramis declared that evermore when a flame was used in worship, Baal was present.

He would now be called Baal, the sun god. The queen also taught that she would reign beside him when she departed, and be the moon goddess.

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