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Thoughts on the Cross:
The Meaning Behind Easter Part 5

Proclaiming she was born of a virgin, Ishtar set herself up to attain this right. Furthering this new cult she had created, she taught that the moon was, herself, a goddess and every 28 days she ovulated and was full. One of her eggs fell from her while she was ovulating. It dropped into the Euphrates River. And Semiramis was born.

This full moon event was right after the spring equinox. Semiramis began to be called Ishtar, and the moon egg that carried her was called Ishtar’s egg. Ishtar conceived, claiming that the sun-god Baal had brought it about. She bore a son named Tammuz on the 25th of December. And as Tammuz was the sun of the son, the day was called Sunday.

Because the boy delighted in rabbits, this became the symbol for Ishtar. Rabbits also reproduce in abundance, making it the perfect symbol for fertility. Tammuz became a hunter like his sun-god father, only he was not as gifted, being hunted down by a wild pig.

The queen’s reply was that now Tammuz was sitting with his father, and they were now three. Nimrod, the father,report easter Tammuz, the sun, and the flame, the spirit. And she herself rose to be called the Queen of Heaven, the Mother of God.

When the 25th of December came around, the pagans had the credence that the sun god was going and the cold was coming. Before the spring equinox, there was a forty day period proclaimed as a time of mourning each year. No meat was eaten. After the annual forty days of mourning, the son of the sun was reborn. People celebrated with feasts, orgies, and human sacrifice. They killed and ate the wild pig, the species of beast that killed Tammuz. They crossed their hearts with the sign of a “t” during their fellowship, and they carved the letter “t” into their cakes. They formed the “t” into pieces of wood known as crosses, the first letter of Tammuz.

Do you see lent in here now, too? We have idolatry amongst our Christian celebrations. All of these things connected with them are from Mystery Babylon, Satan’s domain! He sits in the “House of the Rising Sun.”

Ishtar was also celebrated in later years. And many legends grew and passed down through oral tales. People worshiped and celebrated the virgin. They did this by worshiping the moon.

Connecting all of these things together, we have a first sighting of the Whore of Babylon. Even Ishtar has made her way into the Holy Week in Catholicism, as they lift up and honor their virgin Mary. I see this annually in every religious celebration in Spain. And it gives me the chills.

One day soon, the whore will embrace a one-world religion. Together Islam and the Roman Catholic Church, along with some who falsely profess Judaism, will unite with one mind. It is all unraveling before our eyes. The institutionalized church and its members are being sucked in…slowly.

We do these things with good intentions. We do as we have been taught. We have been taught in ignorance and we have been, and are being, deceived. Can we, will we, come out and separate ourselves or will God consider us to be children of disobedience? If these traditions we practice as Christians around holidays like Easter came into the church simply for the sake of converting the lost in pagan society, what do we do with these traditions now? Will God overlook our practices? Or is He revealing these things in the last days to call us out to purify His bride? Let us make a prayerful and careful consideration!
By Jori Sams

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