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Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of payments do you accept?
PayPal or Credit Card.


How do I get a refund?
No refunds are given once a book is downloaded.


Can I get the book mailed to me on a CD rom?
Yes. For an additional $5 you can receive a CD of a book. This will cover the postage and handling.




Do you except unsolicited manuscripts?
Yes. Follow our submission guidelines.


How much will it cost to publish my book?
Writeious Books does not charge authors anything to publish their eBooks. If the text needs to be converted into HTML or a book cover needs to be designed from scratch, there is a small one-time fee for our design house to set it up.


How long will it take to publish my book?

If the manuscript is in a ready format, it is about 2 weeks before the author receives the draft for approval.


Are books made available in paper form?

Yes. We offer print-on-demand for books that have had high sales.


Do you offer an advance?
No. Writeious Books is a small firm taking a lot of risks publishing a wide variety of subjects above and beyond the publishing norms. We are putting a lot of money, time and energy into marketing our books and driving more traffic to our site. 


How much royalties will I earn?
Writeious Books pays the industry standard ranging from 25%-50% of net sales.


When will I receive royalty payments?
Because we do not offer an advance, we pay royalties once a month after we have been paid, once your balance reaches a $25 minimum.


Do I need to copyright my manuscript?
The minute you set your hand to the keyboard and your manuscript unfolds, it is under copyright. We do not, however, discourage writers from filing their work at the Library of Congress copyright office.

Writeious Books provides state-of-the-art security and privacy software to keep your book from being stolen online.


Can I choose my own ebook cover?
We encourage our writers to be as involved as they can in the eBook publishing process. If you have a photo you want to use or a cover designed and it meets the approval of our design staff, we will use it.


Can I publish my book elsewhere once it is an ebook?
Writeious Books owns the copyrights to all the books we publish. It may not be printed in any other media without our permission or it is considered infringement of the copyright law.


Will I receive any free copies of my ebook?
Yes. We offer several copies of the finished book to our authors.


Who does the editing?
While we are open to unsolicited manuscripts, we generally only offer contracts on work that has already been edited and is ready for page compilation. If you are including a document with photos, graphs and visuals, including audios and videos, you must own the right to use it or obtain permission to use it and have the permission in writing before we will include it in the manuscript.

Who does the marketing?
Writeious Books is working hard to get our books the right exposure. We have banners and text ads on various sites to get our site branded and recognizable. We also depend on, and expect, our authors to take part in spreading the word. Word of mouth has always been and will always be the best method of advertising. If an author wants there book to sell, they must get the word out there. Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites are an excellent place to start. 
Why should I choose Writeious Books?
You don´t have to tell us at Writeious Books how much competition is in the eBook publishing industry! But all of the other sites we have viewed are a bonus only for the publisher. Most offer a fair royalty on net profits, but they do not secure the book, making it highly susceptible to online theft.
Nor do they advertise much. Many charge the author a fee to join or have their book listed. A large number of authors published online never sell one book. And many are not selective. Anyone can be a published author, but not every book merits an audience.
We are selective and screen our authors. We make sure the books are quality and well written, offering something for the reader to gain. Besides this, we offer a chance to those quality authors who will not even get looked at by other publishing companies. We are well aware that there are some great books online just waiting to be discovered!

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