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Enjoy the New Year
and remember...
eBooks make perfect gifts.
Encourage someone to read!

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Welcome to Writeious Books
Happy New Year!

Browse around for some fantastic specials. Encourage one another to read.

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Featured Products for January

Writeious Kids celebrates winter with the new English-only Li'l Lingo series. The 1st book in the children's series Li'l Lingo Sleeps should bring comfort for those little ones during the cold winter nights.

On Sale $1.99!


Lil Lingo Sleeps Eng Cover for Christian ebooks for kids
Best Christian mp3 available onlilne

Enjoy Arrest Me the hip MP3 single off thelapchild 11th Hour CD. It is creative and the ideal song to get you moving on those sleepy winter days.

Only $.99!

Writeious News
New Christian Fiction eBook series coming soon!

Watch this space for Shiloh's Pool.

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