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Li'l Lingo Sleeps
English-only Version

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For ages 4 and up
Copyright © 2013. Writeious Books

By Jori Sams

Now you can enjoy bigger illustrations in this new English-only version of Li'l Lingo Sleeps.

Enjoy seeing Li'l Lingo jump off the page with fresh colorful images for kids. In this bedtime ebook Li'l Lingo battles to fall asleep.

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Li'l Lingo Sleeps

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For ages 4 and up
Copyright © 2009. Writeious Books.
ISBN 0985536748
ISBN 978-0-9855367-4-9

By Jori Sams

Delve into this wonderful children's book series and explore the world of Li'l Lingo with your children. She is full of innocence and adventure. In this first book of the series for children, Li'l Lingo Sleeps, she is fighting to enter into the world of dreams. How will she manage after counting sheep fails? This makes for a fresh read when you put your little ones to bed. It is a bedtime book they will request again and again.

You will be delighted with Li'l Lingo eBooks. Offering excellent illustrations and text, they are a great way for children to enjoy learning rhyme along with a second language. This book is written in English with Spanish alongside.

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"Li'l Lingo Books are books that give a message and are written in English with a Spanish alongside. The illustrations are colourful. The book teaches Christian principles and is good for religious education. I found the illustrations quite unique." JacintaZ3

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