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Right to Rocky Point!
Part 2
Driving to Ajo

Windy refrained from cursing. Under her breath she said, “We should have taken my car.” She avoided eye contact with me.

The nice man got out his hose that was conveniently located outside the front door. Dragging it towards my car, he signaled for me to pop my hood and gave the radiator some fluid.

It only leaked out the bottom.

“You have a cracked connection under your radiator causing it to leak. You should take it to the mechanic.”

I noticed right away he said “the mechanic,” not “a mechanic.”  I asked, “Where is the mechanic?” He pointed us in the right direction.

We arrived and slowly approached the chain-link gate, as we read the sign “Beware of the dog.”

Upon entering the town, I sensed it was a strange place. It just felt like something was watching us. Now we were at this auto garage and I tried to imagine how fierce the guard dog might be.

Windy and I exchanged glances.

Out hobbled the mechanic and his assistant. And the guard dog, an old, grungy three-legged poodle.

We held back our chuckles to move forward with the repairs. “Hello. I have a radiator leak and I wondered if you could old nissan photohelp.” I was so afraid at the cost of the repair in the middle of nowhere. I could really be taken advantage of. But did I have a choice?

He lifted my car and gave it a look.

“I just had my radiator plugs changed a couple of weeks ago. Did they not seal them properly?”

He peaked up from over the hood. “There aren't any new parts on the radiator.”

“Oh, I just had them changed recently.”

He gave a queer look and said something in Spanish to his apprentice. “Lady, I'm looking at it all now. I'm telling you, someone ripped you off. There ain't no new parts here.” He continued with is work.

Both the old apprentice and the old dog labored to the tin shed holding bits and bobs. Did I look as vulnerable and stupid as I felt?

Windy shot me a grave look. “I wish I had driven,” she said. “This is so weird.”

My car was repaired. We tried to pay him money, he shook us off and said it was free. He only tied some wire around the crack....what ever did he say about it? I don't recall. We felt justified after giving him $5 and telling him to get a drink.

It was nearly 2pm. We had little to say. One question was burning in us both: Do we bother to continue?



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