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Right to Rocky Point!
Part 3
Driving to Ajo

Not answering each other right away, we decided we would carry on, poor car, late arrival and all.

I really do wish we would have gotten a hotel and spent the night. But Windy had to work the next day. We pulled into the dusty town after an overwhelming drive and worked our way to a beach. We could say, “Donde es la playa?” in Spanish.

It was the response we didn't understand. After a couple of wrong turns and a potential journey on a forbidden road, we arrived. It was 4:30 in the afternoon.

“I guess we need to leave by like 7:00 so I can be home just after midnight,” Windy stated.

I stared at the local children and their dirty feet and faces. Some of the boys threatened to beat up our car if we didn't give them money. They had lead pipes. Or was it that we got our back wheels stuck in the sand and they helped us get out? Yeah. I think that was it.

And we gave them some money. Or was it a coke?

I enjoyed swimming in the Sea of Cortez alongside a Pelican that was intrigued with me and made the most of my brief time there. picture of rocky pointWe stopped at a place to grab a burger and I remembered that I had promised myself not to order beef in Mexico again. I had forgotten. It has a unique flavor. And I am not convinced it is beef.

Time went too fast, as it does, and we were back in my car. After a couple of hours, Windy drove. I did not like that she didn't mind squishing field mice under the tires, but was too tired to do more than complain.

She looked at me like I was nuts for being sensitive. “They're just mice.”

Still, I didn't like to think something was suffering.

We drove on and on into the dark. We were stir crazy, but pushing on. She shifted comfortably to one side and put one leg up as she was driving, cocked her head and said without thinking, “Remember that time we were in Mexico...”

“You mean just five minutes ago? You mean that time?”

We belted out in laughter. The laughter rolled on and on with each mile. Tears streamed down our cheeks we laughed so hard.

“Yesterday, I thought I was pretty cool telling my co-workers I was going to Mexico for the day. Today I feel pretty stupid. I am not going to tell them I came.”

I wonder if she ever did.


Written by Jori Sams



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