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Right to Rocky Point!
Part 1
Driving to Ajo

Windy could be spontaneous. Not long after my sudden arrival to a new life in Phoenix, I found myself driving to Mexico. Only a few days before, I was enjoying a soak in the sun upon my airbed in the pool. One of my neighbors was paddling around me, asking me if I had ever heard of Rocky Point.

I had not.

He proceeded to tell me that it was a great party spot just three hours away. The beer was cheap. The scenery was spectacular. And the women were beautiful.

I didn't like beer. I still don't.

But it sounded like a place worth a visit. With only a three-hour drive, it was do-able in a day. That day came sooner than I expected, as Windy called me out of the blue to ask if I was up for a day trip to Rocky Point.

Why not?

Somehow, I drew the short straw and there I was driving. We left an hour later than we expected. I was going to learn this was typical with Windy.

My car was old. And it had a lot of miles on it. A smoky blue Nissan four door sedan. Once a luxury. Now it was dripping oil. It had four tires that did not match and a sun roof that would not completely open.

Even so, it surely could manage a six hour round-trip. So off we went. No directions. No road map. Just signs from above. They are called road signs. I knew Mexico and Rocky Point were south.

August in Arizona might not be the ideal time for a road trip. Particularly heading South. Youth and wisdom are not steady friends. When after three hours on the road we saw a sign for Ajo, I wondered if we were nearing the Mexico border. travel blog

Ajo. This translates to “garlic” in Spanish. It definitely did not have a nice smell. But there was something else I was smelling...my car engine. It began to overheat. This meant we had to pull over. We decided to stop at the insurance office on our right. “We Sell Mexican Insurance,” a sign read.

Near it read another, “It is illegal to drive in Mexico without insurance. We have the best prices around.” We soon discovered that our day trip would cost $10 insurance. We also learned my car had a serious problem. It was overheating.

The burly man that sold us our Mexican Insurance policy was glad to help. But he suggested to let the car cool before hosing it down or filling the radiator with fluid or we might crack the pipes. Wow! Was I glad for the instruction. Some things women just aren't taught.

This cost us an hour. The other bad news that was unwelcome was that we still had two hours to drive until we arrived to Rocky Point. This news came when the broker looked at us quizzically as to why we only wanted a one day policy.

“You're driving to Rocky Point and back now? What are you going to do there in such a short time? Just one day?”

We shook our heads. “No. It will be more like ½ day.” It was Noon.

He forced a grin. “I don't think that car will make the journey. It is too hot,” he said pointing his chubby hand toward my vehicle...



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