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Revelation in Seven Weeks:
A Bible Study

bible study on revelation

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ISBN 0985536721
ISBN 978-0-9855367-2-5

By Jori Sams

Is the world heading for global disaster? What is the truth behind such cataclysmic events? Is the worst yet to come? Many people are living in fear and spending too much time in front of the television in search of answers. An in-depth study of the most compelling book in the Bible, Revelation, will move the reader forward. This Bible study in the book of Revelation is broken into 49 lessons over seven weeks.

These daily devotions are easy to digest, intense and sometimes riveting. This study is designed to richly inform both the individual and the group. It is a must read for those interesting in the prophetic, predicted future events. Don't be taken by surprise! This ebook is recommended for the individual as well, as it provides rich facts that no one studying Revelation should miss!

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