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I wanted to take a minute to encourage you to spend time with your loved ones this spring. Our schedules keep us busy, and too often we don't stop to absorb and take in all God has blessed us with. We are rich on many, many levels. God has lavished us with good things. So, take some time to enjoy them with your loved ones. Hopefully, God is included on this list and you will give Him some attention!

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Writeious Books Terms and Conditions



Writeious Books General Terms and Conditions:
1. The author wishes Writeious Books (WeB) to publish the Work and grants WeB the nonexclusive right to edit, format, digitize, advertise, distribute and sell, and deliver the Work in any way WeB deems appropriate, and grants WeB the right to distribute the Work worldwide, and collect all monies for eBooks sold by WeB; WeB agrees to pay royalties on a monthly basis to the author, beginning with the last day of the first full month of publication and a minimum balance of $25.
2. It is the author’s responsibility to submit their manuscript to us in a format consistent with the guidelines set forth in our guidelines, unless such manuscript is already held by WeB for a book that is in printed format. Failure to do so can result in additional charges.
3. Additional conversion charges may apply based on the nature of the manuscript/book. Some examples of special formatting include: text boxes, bullets, tabbed formatting, manual hyphenation, scanned images, floating pictures, special characters, columns, mathematical equations, tables, etc a. Book files/manuscripts in PDF format are automatically special formatting and require an additional conversion charge
4. WeB will assess the manuscript for consistent formatting within a reasonable time-frame and will notify the author of any potential problems associated with the content or formatting. The author will be given the choice of having the file returned to them to make the adjustments or WeB will provide a quote to modify the manuscript for pre-publication.
5. WeB retains the right to (i) scan, convert or otherwise render the print version of a title intended by Author to constitute an eBook, including without limitation any text, information, data, software, photographs, graphs, videos, typefaces, graphics, music, sounds, and other material contained therein, into an eBook, in a format suitable for the sale, distribution, marketing, display, licensing and promotion of such eBook by WeB, (ii) reproduce and distribute the eBooks in the form of portable storage media (including without limitation compact discs, DVDs, memory cards and thumb drives) and offered for sale or license to WeB’s customers, distributors and licensees, (iii) store the eBooks on servers hosted by or on behalf of WeB, (iv) index and catalogue the eBooks; and (v) use the eBooks as provided herein.
6. WeB retains the right to make the eBooks available for sale, marketing, display, distribution, licensing and promotion in any commercially available digitized format or on any electronic device platform (including without limitation ePub, Quark, PDF, EBX, ASCII, HTML, XML, OEB, .LIT, .PDB, Symbian, Palm Reader, Gemstar, iPod, iPhone, Sony Reader, Microsoft Reader, MobiPocket, Adobe digital edition, Rocket (RB), Franklin eBookMan (FUB), HieBook eBook (KML), OEBFF (IMP), Tiny eBook (TEBR), iSilo, Plucker, Electronic Braille, RTF and Kindle), whether now existing or hereafter created or developed, which offers industry standard and which is distributed and readable via any electronic media and technology of data entry, storage, retrieval, transmission, display, and output of any and all kinds whether now existing or hereafter created or developed, including without limitation computers and hand-held devices.
7. WeB retains the right to make the eBooks available for sale, marketing, display, distribution, licensing and promotion on a worldwide basis.
8. WeB retains the right to determine the appearance of all on-line presentation including but not limited to, on-line marketing, listing and eBook appearance.
9. WeB reserves the right to distribute and display via download all front matter of an eBook and up to twenty percent (20%) of an eBook’s content (non-exclusive of an eBook’s front matter) free as a sampler.
10. It is WeB’s right to discontinue various promotional items/programs. Additionally, WeB reserves the right to make substitutions of various promotional items/programs with or without prior notification of the substitution to the author as long as the item/program is of equal or greater value.
11. WeB is not and will not be liable to the author or any other person/entity for lost profits or revenues due to, relating to or in connection with the submission of Work.
12. WeB reserves the right, prior to general commercial distribution, to distribute or cause to be distributed free of charge to some employees of WeB copies of each eBook in any format for purposes of testing the electronic distribution of such eBooks in such format.
13. WeB is not and will not be liable to the author for any misplacement or loss of the Work for any reason. It is the author’s responsibility to retain complete records and copies of all materials/files relating to the Work pre and post publication.
14. WeB reserves the right to amend any portion of these Terms and Conditions at any time with 30 day electronic notice to the author. These amendments include, but are not limited to, timing, royalty payment structure, programs, special offers or policies and procedures. All amendments will be considered accepted if WeB does not receive a written request to terminate the agreement in writing within 30 days of the notification. All amendments are binding and supersede all previous Terms and Conditions. In the event the author disagrees with any change, the exclusive remedy is to provide termination of all Terms and Conditions and publication of their Work in writing to WeB, within the 30 day period.
15. WeB will provide information about the Work to third-party sellers to enable them to sell the Work, but will not be responsible for the turnaround times, submission policies, listing policies, errors, or sales policies of any third party seller.
16. WeB retains the right to establish the discounted price to all purchasers, including, but not limited to distributors, bookstores, schools, libraries, and quantity purchasers.

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