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Meet Writeious Book's New Author Tim Reeve

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We are thrilled that someone with some writing talent and something to say queried us with a manuscript submission. While Tim's message isn't easy to hear, it is something the church, if it is going to function effectively, needs to hear. Tim has addressed the issue poignantly...

"The little boy is shaking the preacher’s hand after church and says, “Not a bad show for five bucks!”

Have we replaced God’s intentions with a “worship show”?  Look around next Sunday and compare what you see to a theatre or a concert.  Are the differences really that significant?

If you are like me, the routine at church on Sunday has been the same all your life.  When questioned, your leaders hand you a book about how to worship God.  It has scriptures about how God is particular about His worship, so we only do things that He has prescribed.  You may have even heard sermons on the subject.  Preachers like it because it is so easy to outline.

But what if there were a hole in that argument?  What if God wanted something else from us on Sunday besides sitting in a pew watching a performance and putting a few dollars in the collection plate?  What if He did not ask Christians to assemble for praise and worship, but for another purpose?

Like everybody else, I learned to repeat the arguments that were used from the pulpit.  Then I was taught to think.  When I asked deeper questions, some explanations turned out to have less foundation than I had been taught.  Despite all that, I have stayed with the same tradition, with all its warts.  One of those warts is the idea of calling the Sunday morning assembly a “worship service.”  Worship is simply not the reason the Bible gives for assembling the church on a weekly basis. 

This book is designed to question what is usually taken for granted (after all, the times for the “worship service” are on the sign out front).  I hope at least to start a good conversation on the subject.

The goal is to get closer to God.  We will need to get rid of some man-made junk in our assemblies.  Then we can achieve that goal – His way."

Tim Reeve - Author of "Hiding Behind the Worship Show"

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