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Enjoy the Christmas Holiday Season
and remember...
eBooks make perfect Christmas gifts.
Encourage someone to read!

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  Writeious Books is Looking for Manuscripts

While Writeious Books may be a small Christian publishing company presently, we are a fully recognized publishing company with Bowker. We do not want to branch out too fast too soon. It is our goal to get our brand out so people who are in search of a good, positive message and growing in their faith can find us.
Our writers and staff are working hard to bring you quality eBooks. We think our books are value for money and are priced competitively. If there is something you need or would like to see from us, please send us an email. We welcome all feedback and aim to please.
We are looking for honest, provocative and meaningful manuscripts. So don’t be shy. Show us what you've got. Give us a chance to provide readers with the best that is out there. We want to use our online presence to promote positive books, with a powerful message to support our faith in Yahweh. Food for thought!
If interested, drop us a line.

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New Christian Fiction eBook series coming soon!
Watch this space for Shiloh's Pool.
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