Hello! I'm Jori Sams.

I feel most grounded when I'm writing. This is when I have a chance to give back all that's been invested in me. My mind is always in writer's mode. The dimensions of my writing and creative abilities go deep. They are spiced with a past that has placed me in six different states where I have lived, and five different countries stemming from Chicago spreading out across America and across the pond to Greece, Germany, England and Spain. They have supplied me a palette full of colors and diversity providing plenty of material to sing and write about. 

Besides being a writer, I am quite the skill collector, always adding another feather in my cap. You might find me standing with a paint brush in the fresh air, admiring the scenery or scaling a pile of rocks looking for a gemstone. Or maybe I'll be in my tiny kitchen dirtying the countertops with fresh ground flours and herbs making ravioli or cookies. Chances are I'll be sitting on my terrace with my laptop working hard at updating my website, writing a blog, a Bible study, a sermon for Sunday or recoding a song or banging on my keyboard.

One thing is for sure, at first opportunity, I'll be packing my bags and heading out the front door to catch a plane to some remote part of the world, meeting people along the journey. I treasure divine appointments and new adventures. 
"But by the Grace of God go I."