original Christian Poetry and Sonnets

sonnet of tears 

Soft rain bless the air while tears cleanse my soul.
When the new day dawns it will bring forth green.
Green and things fresh and clean. Then maybe things
Bothering me today will not appear

This bad tomorrow. Tomorrow shed light.
What I feel today seems it must be right.
But maybe my choices were not this bad.
One is unable to take back things said.

What was said is locked inside my head.
Self-control for sweet love of God is good.
To think of these things is better than good.
Things pleasant and pure and strong and worthy.

Tomorrow will come and it will surely
Be fulfilled with all the rain of today.

original christian sonnets new 

sonnet of a day without sunshine

I think there is a psalm from each sonnet.
Ten thousand miles connecting the phrases
Of joy and sorrow, prayers and praises
From a tongue that speaks quite harsh but honest.

Travel the distance from a psalm each moment.
It is possible to walk the pain away.
Awake alone I cry. Beg for mercy.
The air does not move in or out of my chest.

The days of past pain and sorrow are still
In the back streets of my mind, hovering.
This side of heaven is sure covering
To teach how to abandon the self-will.

The evening bell chimes out from below.
Calling to see the fair vista from soul.

original christian sonnets new 

flattering sonnet 

I handed you a smooth and gentle rose,
While asking for nothing in your return.
Nothing I received, not even a word.
Silence. Lying like a thorn in its pose.

Draining me like a weed. No good thing grows.
Masking the love of self, fate would still spurn.
A soft kiss, sweetness, a poet, I yearn.
It is nothing careless or clumsy owed.

Being full of blinding self-deception
O! How I do know how to flatter me.
Now I can live life full of flattery.
Give myself praise, a warm reception.

Where is there one full of more delusion?
Nowhere. Now this is my own conclusion.

 Writeious New