The Hustle by Jori Sams 2017

Chris and Hue Childs find themselves caught up in a frenzied race to keep up with a succession of dubious guides and chauffeurs leading them on a frantic trail from the Rif Mountains and Chefchaouen to Fes, the Sahara, Todra Gorge and Marrakech. Braving dilapidated buses, overcrowded taxis and runaway camels, Hue’s journey has much of the quest about it. A quest to overcome the haggling, the fear of abduction, the certainty that she is being duped, scammed and hustled at every turn, in search for the authentic Moroccan experience which continually gives her the slip.


"The Hustle is no regular Moroccan travelogue. For one thing, as one of its characters explain, "Morocco is not a holiday, it's an experience", and not an entirely pleasant one at that. No sooner than free-spirited American Hue and her staid British husband Chris land in Tangiers, the hustle, bustle and haranguing begins, And so it is that we witness Hue's dissatisfaction grow as she pursues a romanticised ideal that eludes her like a mirage disappearing behind the endless series of dunes that stretch out towards an ever-receding African horizon. An impossible quest, perhaps, but one that exudes mystery, poetry and yearning, and is all the richer for it." Dan Whitcombe.

"Jori Sams has captured the scents and essence of Morocco with her smooth writing style you will find yourself as a stowaway along for the adventure. Sams' creative storytelling ability makes you emotionally identify with her characters. Take a trip to Morocco and read The Hustle and experience a spiritual journey with Hue. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip." Patty Sanderson.

"The Hustle is a brilliant travel book. The author wrote a comprehensive description which gave me a visual image of the scene. I felt the emotion and the personalities of the characters. I had some chuckle on some of Chris's lines. It was an entertaining read." Edna Lising 

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