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Losing the Old Normal: Dissecting the Coronavirus that Made the World Stand Still by Jori Sams is out now!

The Hustle by Jori Sams

Chris and Hue Childs find themselves caught up in a frenzied race to keep up with a succession of dubious guides and chauffeurs leading them on a frantic trail from the Rif Mountains and Chefchaouen to Fes, the Sahara, Todra Gorge and Marrakech. Braving dilapidated buses, overcrowded taxis and runaway camels, Hue’s journey has much of the quest about it. A quest to overcome the haggling, the fear of abduction, the certainty that she is being duped, scammed and hustled at every turn, in search for the authentic Moroccan experience which continually gives her the slip.

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"The Hustle is no regular Moroccan travelogue. For one thing, as one of its characters explain, "Morocco is not a holiday, it's an experience", and not an entirely pleasant one at that. No sooner than free-spirited American Hue and her staid British husband Chris land in Tangiers, the hustle, bustle and haranguing begins, And so it is that we witness Hue's dissatisfaction grow as she pursues a romanticized ideal that eludes her like a mirage disappearing behind the endless series of dunes that stretch out towards an ever-receding African horizon. An impossible quest, perhaps, but one that exudes mystery, poetry and yearning, and is all the richer for it." Dan Whitcombe.

"Jori Sams has captured the scents and essence of Morocco with her smooth writing style you will find yourself as a stowaway along for the adventure. Sams' creative storytelling ability makes you emotionally identify with her characters. Take a trip to Morocco and read The Hustle and experience a spiritual journey with Hue. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip." Patty Sanderson.

"The Hustle is a brilliant travel book. The author wrote a comprehensive description which gave me a visual image of the scene. I felt the emotion and the personalities of the characters. I had some chuckle on some of Chris's lines. It was an entertaining read." Edna Lising

What Every Woman Should Know: A Journey of Liberty by Jori Sams 

What was God thinking when He made man and woman? Are they really created equal? Is the church today in divine and biblical order regarding equality?

Author Jori Sams has accomplished a remarkable feat in this eBook. With such eloquence and precision, she takes us on a necessary journey back to the beginning to unpack some of life’s most challenging questions for women, using Scripture to support her beliefs. See the effects of society on the role of women over the ages. Find hope and inspiration. The journey of discovery may surprise you and set you free.

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"Jori's book was a real eye opener for me! Reading my bible, I've always beenplagued with so many questions about women and how they're treated andmentioned in the Bible. I was pleasantly surprised to not only find theanswers to my questions through Jori's historical and biblical research, but overwhelmed by the feelings of thankfulness I experienced once Isaw how much God has always protected women throughout history!" DebbieMcMullen, Blog Author of Debbie Jean's Reads

"You can see that the author has done a great deal of research and soul-searching for this book. She uses biblical verses to tell the reader what is in the Bible and then her interpretation of what she read...Itis a wonderful book, very well written, and well worth the read..."Donna McBroom-Theriot, expert book blogger from My Life, One Story at a Time.

"I would recommend this book for a women's study group, as there arestudy questions and key points for study at the end of the book. As aformer instructor, I also appreciate the bibliography at the end{perfect for people who like to do their own research or dig a littledeeper}," Daenel T, expert book reviewer for Living Outside the Stacks.

"This is not a book to be read or taken lightly. This is one I want to sit down with; have highlighters at the ready, a notebook handy, multipleversions of the Bible and other study aids all at my side. This is notjust a book, this is a work," Ashara.

Revelation in Seven Weeks: A Teacher's Manual by Jori Sams

This is a must-have manual for those interested in guiding a group or taking an in depth journey through the book of Revelation. It is designed to assist the Bible study leader as it includes the answers to the main study questions found in Revelation in Seven Weeks: A Bible Study and is to be used alongside it. There is vital information in this manual to help unpack this most misunderstood book of the Bible. It is designed to help you guide your group and to give further insight.
The manual is a comprehensive study.

Containing rich facts and thorough coverage of the prophetic book of Revelation, this eBook is recommended for the individual as well. This teacher’s manual is something that no one teaching Revelation should miss!

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Bible Study Revelation

Revelation in Seven Weeks: A Bible Study by Jori Sams

Is the world heading for global disaster? What is the truth behind such cataclysmic events? Is the worst yet to come?

Many people are living in fear and spending too much time in front of the media in search of answers. An in depth study of the most compelling book in the Bible, Revelation, will move the reader forward. This Bible study in the book of Revelation is broken into 49 lessons over seven weeks.

These daily devotions are easy to digest, intense and sometimes riveting. This study is designed to richly inform both the individual and the group. It is a must read for those interested in the prophetic, wanting to predict future events. Get informed today. Don't be taken by surprise!

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Sonnets and Poems

There Will Come No More Tears: A Little Book of Sonnets by Jori Sams

If you're looking for an inspirational ebook of poetry, then this book of nearly 60 sonnets is a must-have! Sure to inspire, there is a poem to suit every mood. Sams has hit the mark with this emotive collection! These sonnets are perfect for a rainy day read, or for sitting along the shores on a lazy day. They will move you to a time of retrospection whether it be a time of sorrow or a time of rejoicing.

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